Talk To Us

Friends who appreciate our projects may have other kinds of ideas or input to share with others who visit this site (including the producers!).

If you have been impressed, inspired, outraged, or otherwise moved (or not) by information to which you would like to alert us all, or have ideas of your own to share, perhaps you could let us know by clicking on to Talk about the Films.

Examples might include: thoughts on our films and their themes, other films, videos, music, or DVD’s; TV presentations; books, magazines, or articles(printed or electronic); special or current events; or other web sites.

We would also like to know, as stated elsewhere, if you hear of showings of the film or video in any venue; where you’ve seen or purchased the films; if our images or music is used elsewhere; or if you’ve found copies of our work in less-than-superb technical shape. This would be of great help to us.

We would love having you feel that this is your web site!

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